The Perks of House Hunting in Asia

There are many diverse reasons for house hunting. It may be for reasons of necessity, convenience, practicality or luxury, among others. To consider finding a new home much farther than where you are now may be owing to relocation because of a career change or a job transfer, retirement plans, to establish a vacation home or probably for no reason other than a much-needed change in environment, or a new beginning.

Why not consider Southeast Asia?


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Real Estate: The Rent VS Buy Debate

Renting vs buying can be a very tough decision. Here and there, most people are convinced by real estate agents to own a house with fine amenities nowadays because of its luxurious yet convenient nature. But is it really necessary to immediately rent or buy one? When it comes to both matters, the first thing that people should ask themselves is if they have the purchasing capability. In looking for the right place, real estate agents must be given an update regarding the current condition of financial assets, liabilities and income of the client. Determining these factors will help the agents find the suitable condominium or town house that match the available resources of the person involved to put his/her future plans into perspective.

When enticed to either rent or buy a house, bear in mind to always observe the global market trends. The stock market usually acquaints businessmen and ordinary citizens on what to expect in the current prices of commodities around the world with respect to the monetary value. Aside from selecting the appropriate location of a personal space, consumers must not neglect the significance of the changing season and or occasion as it also influences the law of supply and demand. For example, every summer, the prices of fruit drinks increase as the supply drops due to hot weather. The same thing applies on the real estate field. Read more

Philippine Mortgage Calculator

Are you worried about how you’d be meeting your mortgage payments? Do you feel that in the future it may be a problem for you? Do you want that hard reassurance to tell you that you could maintain your payment for this mortgage for years to come?

Well, here is something helpful you could use, a Philippine Mortgage Calculator.

A Philippine Mortgage Calculator

The Simple Solution to Living Well In the City

Imagine waking up in the morning with a work deadline hanging over your head. Your boss just called you last night, asking you to report for work at a time earlier than your scheduled shift. Just as anyone who wants to impress the boss, so you step up to the plate by waking up early and preparing yourself before Tracy Turnblad could sing, “Good morning, Baltimore!”

But the thing is, you live outside the city where you work and it takes you about an hour-and-a-half to get there. You’ve managed to get there just on-time.

Commuting in the city.

This continues on for weeks until you get this little voice on your head, telling you that getting to work gets a tad bit tiring with the amount of time you spend traveling because of the distance and the horrible traffic to get from your house to public transport pick up points and vise versa.
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Real Estate: Social Network Advertising

Social networking sites help sell. Or at least provide better chances of selling.

The number of US real estate businesses that adopted social media marketing initiatives has doubled from 12 % to 24% in a period of one year, according a study conducted by the Institution of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. These businesses have recognized how social networking sites revolutionized the real estate industry not just by driving traffic but also helping establish connections to new prospects effectively and efficiently. Some of these potential clients may later evolve into buyers.

The way to sell your home is changing.

Here are some of the most important benefits of adopting social network advertising:

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