Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras

The latest security cameras are the perfect surveillance devices in homes. They can cover larger areas and can see for long ranges both day and night. They have higher resolution to help record clearer images and are capable of working through different weather conditions. These cameras can also connect to a web of alarm system components through an IP address instead of through multiple connectors and cables, allowing regular homeowners to easily them set-up without seeking professional help. With these devices on hand, people can guarantee that they’ll have no problems monitoring their homes with high-quality surveillance videos.

But is having them enough to keep their houses safe?

Clearly, there’s one more thing people have to keep in mind after buying surveillance cameras to be guaranteed with strong home defense frontlines. People who purchase them must do something very crucial that would ensure the cameras’ efficacy and guarantee their protection: installing the cameras in the right locations.

Here are the best places to install security cameras at home.


Contrary to what others might expect, most burglars enter through the front door, according to’s Burglary Statistics. SafeguardThe also published statistics that one-third of break-ins are through unlocked doors and windows. This highlights the importance of placing security cameras on a house’s points of entry, especially on its front doors.

Security cameras on entrances should be installed at an angle and distance that can record clear facial images and view the whole of front, side and back doors. They must also be kept from capturing images against the light or during sudden changes of any light sources. Changes in or excessive exposure to lighting create dark outlines that keep viewing persons and other images impossible.

In addition, security cameras in these areas should be visible enough to catch people’s attention. They should be able to notice these devices and look towards them for the cameras to capture their images clearly before they enter or whenever they pass by.

Vulnerable Areas

According to the Problem-oriented Guide for Police Series on the Burglary for Single-Family Houses from the U.S. Department of Justice’s
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, burglars are attracted to vulnerable locations and houses. These are houses and their surrounding areas where less activity happens. They are also places where burglars can take cover from their potential victims as well as their neighbors. Vulnerable areas to consider are backyard, garage, and tool shed’s surrounding areas. Providing surveillance on dark pathways at the side of the house and on nearby trees bushes and perimeter fences will also keep burglars away.

Windows of Targeted Areas

The Burglary Statistics report from also states that the master bedroom is the most targeted area within a house, as this usually contains most valuables like jewelry, stashed cash, and safes. Burglars also look into home offices and other rooms with formal interiors that might contain precious collections and displays. Also, they go through living rooms for televisions and other electronic devices and would not mind checking the cars parked on the driveway, or in the garage.

Cameras installed at the sides of a house should be able to get a glimpse of these targeted areas from outside of the windows. However, security devices that cover views of bedrooms must also be positioned in ways that will not breach the privacy of people who occupy them.

Every specification a security camera has is very helpful with improving protection of residences. However, the impact of these features to a house’s security only falls second to the people’s correct way of using them. Instead of relying on what these gadgets can do for them, people who buy these cameras should figure out more ways on how they can maximize the benefits that they can get from these security devices.

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